Lose Stubborn Fat, 
and Get the Body You Want

Lets try something totally different from what everyone else does:

  • Make it a program that fits into your life
  • Workouts that cycle between easy and hard, in a plan
  • Habit-based fat loss, where we work on the skills that have you stay lean for life

Look, you want to do some real lifting.  You know one of the keys to getting as lean as you want, is to work with kettlebells, barbells, bodyweight, dumbbells, cable machines.  

Maybe you tried CrossFit, and felt like it wasn't quite your jam.  We get it.

You want something smarter.  You know that any idiot trainer can smash you every workout...  but you want something smarter.  You just want to get better.

You tend to make working out a priority, but you can't afford to have it take over your life.  You want a trainer that gets that it's important for you to hit your goals, but you also have career and family and a social life.  I get it.

We can get you the results you want, and build the kinds of food and workout habits that have you keep the lean, fit, sexy body you've earned, for life.


The Trainer Who Trains the Other Trainers

Josh wrote Fat Loss Happens on Monday, (available in paperback, kindle, and audiobook at amazon) about habit-based fat loss, and kettlebell and bodyweight workouts


Consults for the National Academy of Sports Medicine, specifically writing questions for the Personal Trainer Certification exam and in product develpment

Speaks nationally, teaching trainers how to run habit-based weight loss programs. Josh’s has spoken at:

Josh writes the monthly feature "Habits Matter," for Strength Matters Magazine, about habit-based fat loss and coaching skills, for trainers.

Different, And Smarter

When we work on smart food habits, and smartly programmed workouts, my clients usually lose half a pound to a one pound per week.


I know, everyone else is claiming you can lose ridiculous amounts of weight.  Double that, triple that, ten times that.  It's stupid.

I used to have clients regularly lose twice that.  And it got really, really hard to maintain.  So we don't do that anymore.  We got smarter.  A half pound to a pound per week is the sweet spot for getting results in a habit-based, lifestyle kind of fat loss that sticks.  

And if there's anything that's massively different about what you'll get working with me vs. working with other trainers: Your results will stick for life.  You aren't going to rebound.  We build habits.  Slowly.  We get results, slowly.  And they stick forever.

And, in that way, it's actually faster.  Most people go up and down, fast, forever.  Wouldn't you rather only go down?


What Have Other People Said?

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 Everyone Thinks I Should Call My Business McLovin Fitness

170c23cOk, so I'm kind of a nerd.

I don't look, act, or talk like a normal trainer.

I don't get a lot of press locally, but you may have seen me in national magazines and newspapers.  For example, I got quoted by the Los Angeles Times about how horribly bad Jillian Michaels kettlebell DVD was.

I think trainers who yell at you are ignorant and unprofessional.  Random workouts that smash you every time are stupid, dangerous, and made by trainers who don't know what they're doing.

I actually get better results with smarter programs, trusting my clients, and giving people choices.

I regularly speak out against fat shaming, and I teach people how to love their body and get results faster.

On the speaking circuit, they call me McLovin, 'cause I look kinda like the guy from Superbad.

Those same trainers and gym owners who call me McLovin, take pages of notes when I give workshops on how to coach fat loss more effectively, more professionally, and with more kindness.

I hesitate sometimes to even call myself a personal trainer, because most of what I teach trainers to do is exactly the opposite of what 99% of the fitness industry is doing.  But that's why I write the books and the magazine articles and do so much speaking — I'm trying to change the fitness industry for the better.

And that's why I get people results that last for a lifetime, because we transform habits and lifestyle in a way that's radically different everyone else.

Personal Training openings for the first time in 2 years!


The 8:15 AM Monday, Wednesday, and Friday session now has openings.  My schedule has been full for the last two years, between writing, speaking, other clients, and the nutrition habits coaching business, One by One Nutrition.  

In the 8:15 AM session, you get:

  • Full individualized workout program design — the perfect program to fit your body, your level, and your goals
  • Nutrition habits coaching — If you want to hit your weight loss goals, and maintain those weight loss goals for life, it's about building intelligent, reasonable food habits, for life.
  • A program that grows and progresses as you hit your goals.
One on One Personal Training

Totally individual food skills coaching

Fully custom, individualized workout program each month

One in-the-gym training session per week

Formerly PowerHour Personal Training

As of Septeber 1st, 2015, PowerHour Personal Training is now Josh Hillis Fitness.

There's a long and roundabout story....  Josh started at 24 Hour Fitness in 2004.  Josh ran Denver Kettlebell Bootcamp in 2007.  Scott was a client at Denver Kettlebell Bootcamp.  Scott started PowerHour Elite Performance in 2010.  After Josh finished writing the book, Josh bought PowerHour from Scott.  Now in 2015, Josh is changing the name from PowerHour to Josh Hillis Fitness.  That's the short version  =)