Britney Spears: I hate working out, I love my toned body

Working Out Isn't Fun Anymore

Word on the street is isn't the "workout girl" that she used to be.

She used to be all about working out, and she loved it.

Now, she'd rather focus on her music.

Right now, Britney hates working out… but she has to.

And I think that's normal.  We all go through phases where working out is inspiring and fun.

And then we go through phases where working out is pain in the ass.

But look, I'm not always inspired about brushing my teeth, but I have to do it every day anyway.

Working out is like that sometimes.

Look, in the past I had some jobs I really hated.  But I liked getting a paycheck.

Working out is like that sometimes.

Britney has said that she hates working out right now, but she loves her toned body.


The Holidays

Look, the holidays aren't about working out.

All of the commercials on TV right now are about spending money and eating.  We're programmed to think of certain things in December and working out isn't typically the first thing you think of.

The holidays are about getting fat.

In fact, this is probably the least inspiring time to work out.

So suck it up.

Britney's workout is in full swing because she has an album coming out.  She doesn't have time to get fat on eggnog and Pumpkin Spice Lattes right now.

She doesn't want to work out and eat right, but she really likes looking hot.

At the New Years party there are going to be two kinds of people:

1.) The girls and guys who are in wicked shape.

2.) The girls and guys who are "promising themselves they'll get in shape next year".  

Girls, decide RIGHT NOW, what size dress do you want to wear at the New Years party?

Are you going to eat right and workout, even when you don't want to?


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By Josh Hillis

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  1. hilary says

    One of my inspiration photos from when I first started with weights is an (ooold) picture of britters.

    I am so proud of miss B.

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